Georgina Goodman

Georgina Goodman, the mistress of ‘shoe love’,
is proud to announce the rebirth of her website: 


 This is a very unique and special website. Hand-painted pages invite visitors to both join Georgina’s journey and discover her design process. An archive of her influential work as a consultant and diverse range of collaborative art and film projects are documented and stored as a resource of inspiration for shoe-lovers and creative ‘soles’ alike.


 Georgina’s blog, Love Shoes and Other Stories, is an ever-changing gallery of her influences and research processes as an internationally renowned shoe designer, sharing a visual feast of images and stories by which Georgina is inspired. Here, visitors are invited to interact emotionally via the response button at the end of each post and each response will form the basis of a research project based on the questions around emotional reactions to visual stimulus. Love Shoes and Other Stories is an intimate social-sharing experience.

Georgina Goodman’s consultancy includes clients such as Alexander McQueen, McQ and Tommy Hilfiger, for whom she advises on product design, development, commerciality and in-house team set-up. Georgina also mentors and teaches young designers at her studio and is an Associate lecturer at Cordwainers College at the London College of Fashion. 


PR or Consultancy enquiries for Georgina Goodman,
please contact Chenelle Hall or Louise Anscomb:
020 7291 4350 / /

‘Georgina Goodman’ the brand has become synonymous with uncompromising style, clarity of vision and discreet originality. Georgina Goodman the designer embodies that philosophy, which has led to her being twice nominated ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’ by the British Fashion Council, and has seen her establish long standing design collaborations and consultancies with major fashion houses.

An early career in fashion journalism, in both Television and in print, demonstrated Georgina’s unique eye for style. Ultimately, wanting a further challenge, she enrolled on the BA in Footwear Design at the world renowned Cordwainer’s College in London, graduating with a first class degree. She went on to complete her Masters degree in Womenswear/Footwear at the prestigious Royal College of Art.

In 2002 the first Georgina Goodman boutique in Mayfair opened, offering a bespoke Couture service, followed by seasonal collections, manufactured in Italy and with it the birth of the Georgina Goodman brand. The shop soon became a ‘must visit’ destination for discerning clients and style icons, drawn by the discreet luxury, stylish inventiveness and attention to detail Georgina has become known for. Georgina’s designs also attracted the attention, and won the acclaim, of the international fashion media. Her unstinting creativity and desire to explore her chosen craft through the prism of other art forms has also led to shared projects with artists and filmmakers.

Georgina Goodman is a member of the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers, an honour only rarely awarded to a woman. This and all her other achievements acknowledge not only her uncommon talent but her clarity of purpose and determination in creating ‘amazing shoes for amazing women.’

Georgina’s philosophy has always been straightforward; Be Consistent, Be Clear, Be Who We Really Are and most importantly; Be In Love.  This philosophy is expressed in everything Georgina Goodman.

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