Amma Gyan


Amma Gyan first trained as a ladies wear designer and pattern cutter at the London Institute, which lead to the launch of her own label of women’s clothing. This allowed her to explore different materials and mediums which eventually steered her to a love of leather.

Taking this desire for the feel and diversity of leather, her aim became one of combining the two things she loved, fashion and craft, specialising in bags with the intention of developing an artistic, craft orientated fashion label.

Although the bag industry offered a commercial outlet for her creativity Amma sort a means of expressing her artistic desires in a way that was not constrained by practical limitations. With the desire to still work with leather Amma discovered and learnt the art of moulding leather. “When I work with naturally tanned leather I’m reminded of the form that this once was and how I’m grateful that it allows me to create beautiful and challenging objects.  My current collection ‘Ivy’ has been developed and constructed to illustrate freedom and movement, something that we’re all entitled to, often taken for granted, and occasionally not appreciated.”


Amma Gyan awarded Silver medal ‘Craft & Design’ Selected Awards 2011  at

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