Tanya Igic

Tanya Igic


Tanya Igic is a contemporary jewellery designer originally from Serbia. After completing a degree in Economics, moving to the UK gave Tanya opportunity to develop what was a part-time business into a full-time career in jewellery with the emphasis on innovative and creative design. Tanya is a leather jeweller with a very unique and individual technique.

Working with the finest quality delicate leather in many beautiful shades and influenced by floral, natural or abstract motifs, Tanya produces wide range of elegant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches as well as bridal accessories. Her technique is unusual and innovative and involves a complex design and manufacture process.

After selecting the best leather skin and colour, Tanya cuts and seals together up to eleven layers to form the required shape. When dry the layered shape is cut into thin slices. The softness of the leather allows Tanya to stretch these slices into shapes which are then bonded together. Silver wires and beads are then added as embellishments. Each piece is extremely labour intensive but the effect is truly exquisite. This exciting and innovative work is produced in bright, natural, pastel colour.

Tanya exhibits at  major events, shows and galleries across the country and sells via design-led retail outlets as well as established galleries.

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